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VOIP for Call Center

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the revolutionary communication technology is all set to replace the the traditional phone system in the near future.

Today, it is possible to make toll free long distance voice and fax calls over existing IP data networks. Businesses implementing own VoIP systems can save a lot on long distance calls.

VoIP converts the voice signal from telephone into digital signal that travels over the internet and then it is converted back into voice signal at the other end, thus making it possible to speak using regular phones with Internet.

At each end of a VoIP call, there is an analog soft or IP phone acting as a user interface, client software working with a codec to handle the digital to analog conversion and soft switches mapping the calls. The different pieces of hardware and software work together with various protocols.
Then came Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), specifically for VoIP application.

SIP enables the VoIP (Voice over IP) industry to produce inter-operable telephony products. Customers can now use an IP PBX from one vendor, a media gateway from another, and a phone from a third vendor.

The primary role of SIP is to allow the caller and the called party to contact each other, to set up, modify, and finally end various types of communication sessions like voice calls and video conferencing. The protocol components mentioned above together deliver messages, defining their content and characteristics, to complete a SIP session.

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