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Shared hosted dialer is one of the most common types of hosting.
From a technology perspective, the way a shared hosted server works is that a hosting company creates multiple accounts on a single server. Subscribers then pay for each account and often depending on the number of agents they want logged in on the system, which is an indirect way to know the kind of bandwidth, and storage utilization they will have.
Shared hosted server is one of the most economical hosting packages available.
1. Lost Cost
2. Easy to setup and maintain – and does not require any system administration knowledge.
1. Is not suitable if you need to do some custom administration or install.
2. Since a single system can have multiple accounts, there are no resource guarantees in terms of CPU or memory usage. Essentially what this means is that incase there is a rogue account in the server where your shared hosting account is located which is hogging CPU or memory resources through long running processes, then it will impact performance of even your account
Best Suited For
1. Small centers who would like to avoid the costs of servers a technician initially.

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